James Brown

ISIS VOICE was specially interested to introduce authentic black Soul-Jazz, Blues Funk Music and other styles of authentic music from all over the world to the audience, so the origin of Pop-and Rock music could get more known. At that time, the black music was not included in the benefits of the big business of the international music-industry. ISIS VOICE presented at their first event, concerts with a legend of Soulmusic, the Godfather of Soul JAMES BROWN. After a lively correspondence, Mr. Dynamite agreed to include 2 concerts with ISIS VOICE in Berne as the only performances in Switzerland on his World-Tour (not 2 performances on one day with the bigest promoter in Zurich) The concerts tooke place on two nights 23. and 24. May 1986 with great success.

Besides the professional realisation, the love for culture and music, ISIS VOICE offered the star a special designed backstage-suite and for all musicians snd participants a comfortable stay with a City-tour and chosen meals in first class restaurants. This soon made ISIS VOICE known and respected by the artists.

Ray Charles

After the first concert with the Godfather of Soul JAMES BROWN, followed on June 30. 1986, the performance with RAY CHARLES, a further legend of the music history with the "RAELETTES". With his own uncomperable unique style RAY CHARLES became an Idol for many generations of singers. With RAY CHARLES, ISIS VOICE intended to bring Gospel and Soul closer aspecially to the younger audiance.
As a novelty ISIS VOICE chose a large hall for the concert of RAY CHARLES (Festhalle Berne) with the capacity for 4-5000 persons, instaed of a public room or Jazzclub for a smaller audience.

With the hits "I got a Woman" and "This little Girl of Mine" Ray Charles has set rules and frontlines. As a venture ISIS VOICE invited the South African performers "SHIKISHA" the dancer and accompaning-group of the singer MIRIAM MAKEBA to perform as the frontact. The apartheitregime still had the power in South Africa, with this choice ISIS VOICE wanted to express its solitarity with the anti- apartheit movement and also lead to further performances with big female-artists and legends. Once more ISIS VOICE bets on quality, insted of only "Market-Value".

Nina Simone - Solomon Burke

On the 19.und 21. Dezember 1986 the wish of Suzanne Baumann which she had for many years could be realized DR. NINA SIMONE was willing to performe with ISIS VOICE in two concerts. To be able to offer the audiance an unique Christmas experience, ISIS VOICE combined the concert of "THE HIGH PRIESTESS OF SOUL", DR.NINA SIMONE with "THE KING OF ROCK AND SOUL" DR. SOLOMON BURKE. not only have both artists influenced many Rock-artists, they also had their struggle for Justice and Humaness incommen.

Dr. NINA SIMONE developed her personal unique style in Blues, Jazz and Soulmusic. She improvised texts and songs and besides her incredible deep and impressing voice, she was gifted with a remarcable piano performance. Her love was directed also towards classical music and music from all over the World. She is a real Star, yes one of the bigest uncompromising Legends in the black music history. Her music will remain and touch mankind for all times.

DR: SOLOMON BURKE who specially came to Europe in 1986 for ISIS VOICE, allready stormed the charts 1961 in Europe with his hits: "Cry to me" or "Proud Mary". Some of his hits were covered by THE ROLLING STONES. SOLOMON BURKE melts in an exciting way Soul-Gospel and Rockmusic together.

The two double-concerts at the Casino, Berne and Kongresshaus,Zurich were a great success. NINA SIMONE was willing to sing the engaged song: "I WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO BE FREE" by BILLY TAYLOR, together in a duet with SOLOMON BURKE a wondrful statement for LOVE FREEDOM AND PEACE .

The only and unique time the two artists have met each other. Certainly a historical event. The concert-nights ended with the public dancing on stage.


The encounter of NINA SIMONE with SOLOMON BURKE aswell as the entire concert from SOLOMON BURKE were recorded on Video and Audio-tapes (These recordings have not been released until today)

THE SONG "THE KING OF LOVE IS DEAD", DEDICATED TO MARTIN LUTHER KING BY NINA SIMONE, was also recordet and Suzanne Baumann created a Video-Clip of this shooting- (not released until today)


The encounter NINA SIMONE with The encounter of NSOLOMON BURKE


1986 was asked by the promoter of THE SWISS ROCK NIGHT FOR REFUGEES OF THE WORLD to participate in the realization.Because ISIS VOICE would only be in charge as a delivery-service of Stars and International Music-Celebrities for this occasion and even was commissioned to find out the finance-possibilities, a unpaid collaboration was not acceptable for ISIS VOICE. Music- Stars were only willing to performe for Charity-Concerts if they would get at least one paid engagement for a performance. Several negotiations with International Artists in US and Europe.

1987 ISIS VOICE organized through Germany and Holland a tour for Solomon Burke with Sam Mayfield, Barbara Cole and his SOUL-A-LIFE-Band. They tried to enclude two young talented Swiss female-musicians. Unfortunatly the tour was realized at the last minute by a big german promoter and management-Company. Subsequently ISIS VOICE, traveled to Italy for negotations with ZUCCHERO and his management for a collaboration with SOLOMON BURKE and life-perfomances of ZUCCHERO with ISIS VOICE in in Switzerland. ISIS VOICE received an invtation of the magazine Billboard to be member of the jury for the Rock-Award in New York.

SOUL and FUNK Festival
for a bernise Autum Fair a SOUL- FUNK- FESTIVAL was organized by ISIS VOICE,with MILLIE JACKSON,THE WAETHER GIRLS, THE NEVILLE BROTHERS and a wiss Fontgroup. In very short notice bevore the realization the contract engagement was cancelled by the managament of the Fair.

ISIS VOICE escorts NINA SIMONE, who lived for a while in the house of Suzanne Baumann at that time, to Montreux for a live concert in the range of the Jazz-Aid Festival on special request of the UN High-Commissionary for Refugees Mr. Leon Davico and supports Nina in her come- back and record negotiations.

ISIS VOICE travels to US for negotations with artists and managements. Planed concerts for 1988/89 a new Festival in Berne. "THE FIFTIES" Rock and Roll with CHUCK BERRY,THE DRIFTERS THE PLATTERS and others.

Suzanne Baumann went to India on invitation of an important Producer in Calcutta for the purpose of the organization of public- events. Previewed was a festival with international female Soul-Funk-Blues-Pop Stars in favour of mothers and motherless children. Support from Switzerland was previwed through a possible donation of large amounts of milkpowder. Many Stars agreed to participate.

1989 concerts and performances with JOAN BAEZ, VAN MORRISON, BOB DYLAN ,MADONNA, PRINCE the WOMACKS, AMALIA RODRIGUES (Fado), SHEILA SHANDRA (Indie-Pop) MANITAS DE PLATA among others where previewed for Switzerland.

1990/91 ISIS Voice negotiated with Polygram for the the recording of "Sacrefice" a Soundtrack with Nina Simone for the Elton John/ Bernie Taupin Tribute-Album and escorts Nina Simone for the recording to London.

Publishing House

Becaus neither SOLOMON BURKE nor NINA SIMONE had an actual record out in the europeen market ISIS VOICE released in license,the records "LOVE TRAP" by SOLOMON BURKE and "NINA'S SHAMELESS MAGIC" with NINA SIMONE under the label ISIS VOICE just in time for the concerts in Zurich (21.12.1986)


Produced by
Eddie Singleton
A VideoPix Corporation Production
Licensed by ISIS VIOICE from Vpi-Records
© Direction ISIS VOICE,
Coverdesign: ISIS VOICE, P.Auchli,Bern
LP: IV2162 (Nina’s Back)
Distribution: Sound Service,CH


© ISIS VOICE 1987" a listen to the magic
of ISIS VOICE Productions"
P-Royality-Gate MCI-Records 1987
Licensed by ISIS VOICE
LP: IV 21336
CD: IVCD 21336
Art Direction: ISIS VOICE, Coverdesign: ISIS VOICE©,
Suzanne Baumann,Peter Auchli,Bern
Distribution: Switzerland: Sound Service
Germany: Intercord
Austria: Dum-Dum

The original Mastertapes became re-mastered and a new Sound-track "ISIS" was included


The original Mastertapes of the concert given by SOLOMON BURKE in Zurich with ISIS VOICE on 21.12.1986, (Audio-and Video) and the historical as well as unique DUET: SOLOMON BURKE and NINA SIMONE with the song by Billy Taylor "I WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEEL TO BE FREE" performed in this night, were recorded in commission for ISIS VOICE by the Studio Sekretariat für Gegenwart- Videoproduktion, Louis von Adelsheim,Berne and are now digitalised, these shootings have not been released until today nor the Video-clip edited by Suzanne Baumann of the beautyful Song dedicated to MARTIN LUTHER KING,:"THE KING OF LOVE IS DEAD" by NINA SIMONE.Art Direction and layout 1986/87: Suzanne Baumann, ISIS VOICE ©

A Documentery -film is in preparation